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Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are an excellent option. Here is why: to start, granite countertops will never get damaged when you place hot items onto the surface. Furthermore, once sealed, granite countertops ...

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Kitchen Granite

Granite is an outstanding material to implement to one’s kitchen. For starters, this material is resistant to a wide array of factors. You can potentially utilize granite as countertops material, fl...

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Jajos Marble & Granite

Welcome to Jajos Marble & Granite; a company that offers beautiful marble and granite solutions for residential and commercial properties. Indeed, these dazzling pieces can boost the value and aesthetics of your indoors in no time. We offer a great selection of precious materials that add elegance to your estate.

Our innovative enhancements, unmatched quality, and creativity can do wonders for your estate. Jajos Marble & Granite, installs gorgeous countertops in your kitchen and bathroom that will give your home an attractive new look. Our specialists will help you boost the visual appeal of your property.

We improve your home’s design! Certainly, marble and granite give a touch of luxury to any space, and are very pleasant to the eye. Jajos Marble & Granite has the ability to make your indoor spaces stand out. The marble and granite collection that we provide comes in different colors and patterns, ensure longevity, strength, and elegance.

Finishes That Boost Visual Appeal

Prices That Have No Competition

Add Value & Beauty To Your Indoors
Jajos Marble & Granite

About Us

Add Value & Beauty To Your Indoors

Jajos Marble & Granite is a family owned and operated business established in Lakewood, CO. For 15 years, we have enhanced the beauty and value of countless homes with unique marble and granite solutions. Our innovative enhancements, tailored approaches, and unmatched quality make us the ultimate choice.

Our core values of innovation, integrity, and transparency is at the center of our business culture. Our leadership and distinction is demonstrated in everything that we do. Jajos Marble & Granite is always aiming towards offering professionalism and ethical work.

Our specialists aim to radically alter the appearance of your indoor spaces. A beautiful and sophisticated home can only be achieved with marble and granite. Jajos Marble & Granite never settles for less than what the client deserves, and always goes the extra length to exceed your expectations. Call u...

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Why Choose Us

Jajos Marble & Granite works with the finest granite and marble solutions that enhance your property appeal at accessible prices.


Our mission at Jajos Marble & Granite is to be the #1 marble and granite service provider by offering budget-friendly prices and quality overall.


Our vision at Jajos Marble & Granite is to be known in the area as a leader in what we offer, and to continue growing within the industry.

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